Competitive Intelligence

Our unique focus:

Strategy is your business's roadmap of how to achieve and maintain competitive advantage.
Gaining competitive advantage without actionable knowledge about competitor intent and strategies is, at best, luck - at worst it is a one-way ticket to failure and disaster...

quantumiii provides clients with turn-key competitive intelligence products and consulting services.

Our involvement in Knowledge Management and Personal Knowledge Management, combined with an involvement in Intelligence and Counter-intelligence spanning nearly four decades, qualify us to meet your needs in the fields of Competitive Intelligence, Risk Intelligence and Business Counter-intelligence.

Our role is to gain and apply a superior understanding of your environment coupled with outstanding functional expertise in management and related disciplines to create tailored solutions to meet your challenges.

Our performance is measured by the quality of our work and the success of our clients, and by our reputation for integrity, objectivity, service and results.

We provide objective consulting with no business interest in supplying manufactured systems, parts, or services.

We have a philosophy of independence that excludes proprietary interests, and is in the interest of most clients.
This aspect of our business allows us to function with total objectivity on all assignments – free from the influences most of our competitors face to maximise profits for outside interests, stockholder dividends, or stock value goals.

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