We are a trusted provider of:

  • Strategic, competitive intelligence relevant to national and regional monitoring needs.
  • Timely information on the commercial, political and security environment of relevant countries and regions through political and business assessments.
  • Due diligence reports.
  • Risk analyses, real and potential competitive initiatives, internal and external organisational threats and opportunities.
  • Individual and company profiles.
  • Environmental scanning, identification and evaluation of economical/political determinants.
  • Definition of strategic direction and scenario’s, recommendation of strategic management possibilities.
  • Actionable information on tactical needs.
  • Benchmarking and application evaluation.

Reports include:

  • Political and security trends;
  • Socio-economic developments;
  • Corruption related issues;
  • Specific developments in the financial sector;
  • International perceptions and interest, including large investment plan;
  • Business opportunities or risks;
  • Assessments and advice - where applicable.